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Formulas - Text / Strings

There are times you need include numbers or dates together with your text. Typing it in doesn't do much if the numbers keep on changing because it's a formula and you want it linked to your text. Example you need your text to say "Print date : 31-Dec-2004" but you want the date to be linked to a cell with formula so that whenever you print your report, the date in the text is always changing according to your system date. Do do that you will need a formula. Lets say cell "A1" contains the date (formula =today() remember?). Type this formula anywhere you want the text to appear

="Print date : "&TEXT(A1,"dd-mmm-yyyy")

and you're done. Each time you print your report, the date automatically changes. Similarly if you need a number or value to be linked, you could change the number format to 2 decimals this way (assuming "A1" contains the value)
="Profit for the month is $ "&TEXT(A1,"0,000.00")